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Wazifa For Husband To Listen To Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Listen To Wife

A lot of wives find no importance in their husband’s life. They don’t have any right to interfere in their husband’s life. The dominance of the spouse in such marriages is very high. However, this is not the right thing. Allah Talah has made both the partners equal and hence both of them should love and respect each other equally.  But if your partner doesn’t think that way and he doesn’t care about your feelings and listen to your suggestions, then wazifa for husband to listen to wife is the right resort for you.

It will help you in changing the behavior of your partner towards you and will help them recognize and appreciate your position and presence in their life. Your spouse will never behave badly with you. At times, your spouse is in complete control of his mother and sister and they don’t let him rely on you completely. If your mother-in-law is preventing your husband from getting dedicated towards you, then the only remedy for you is wazifa for husband listen to wife. It will make your husband pay equal heed to you and give you the same importance as them.

Wazifa To Make Husband Love With Wife

Wazifa To Make Husband Love With Wife

If you are worried that your partner is seeking interest in someone else and he is no longer interested in being with you, then you should perform wazifa to make husband love with wife. The wazifa will re-create love in their heart for you and your partner will never go elsewhere. He will become your loyal and will always be with you till the end of his life. A wife can never bear the bad attitude of her husband towards her. If your partner has a rash attitude towards you then you should perform the wazifa to gain his affection and understanding.

Sometimes your husband loses his affection because of constant pressure of work and other responsibilities. If you feel that your partner isn’t the same as he was, then wazifa to make husband love you will change it for you. It will make your husband fall in love with you all over again. Your partner will love you like before and will never feel bored with you.  Anyone can acquire the procedure of this wazifa from our molvi sahib. If you are facing any other kind of issue with your partner, then just share your problem with our molvi sahib and get his instant help. Insha Allah, soon your situation will turn out to be better. 

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Wazifa To Make Husband Love You

Wazifa for husband to listen to wife is given below:- 

  • Firstly wife needs to read Durood Shareef 25 times.
  • After that wife should read this dua-“Allaahumma Iyyaaka Naabudu” for 147 times.
  • After that, she should read Sana for 4 times.
  • After that, she should read Dua E Maghfirat 5 times.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 25 times in the end.
  • Make dua to Allah talah to make your husband listen to you.  
  • Perform this for 4 days and wait for the results.

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