Is your romantic relationship falling apart? Do you feel that the issues in your relationship have hyped up and things are just out of control? No wonder, even the most ‘perfect ‘relationships tend to fail at some point in life and that is where Faith can save us. We, at Love Istikhara, believe that no matter what the problem is reading the istikhara dua will absolve every problem in your relationship. The power of dua combined with the faith is unquestionable and this is why we have been serving people with the best istikhara duas for all types of love problems.

We believe that a happy and loving relationship is the right of every person and it shouldn’t be compromised even in times of suffering. We are an online portal where you can find istikhara duas for minimizing fights, getting lost love back, improving the relationships, solving infidelity issues, and whatnot. Get the best collection of the most effective istikhara duas for love problems and get the fix to your aching heart. Our mission is to make every relationship happy and joyous with the blessings Allah because it fills our hearts with joys when we mend the broken ones!

What is Istikhara and How Does It Work?

Al-istikhara or Salat-ul-Istikhara is one of the best gifts that has been bestowed upon us by our creator. It basically means to seek guidance, consultation, supervision, approval, wisdom, support, blessings and goodness from Allah. When a Mommin is confused, he or she may use the Salat-ul-istikhara to seek guidance of Allah, most merciful of all; in all matters of their life. 

To perform Istikhara, you need to be cleansed first so perform an ablution or even a ghusl, if required. Find a suitable and clean place where you can perform the istikhara without any disturbance. Now, face towards Mecca or Qibla while standing on the prayer mat. Center your focus on your concerns and start the two Nafil Raakahs. Recite the dua of isteftah – SUBHANA QALLAH HUMMA WABEE HAMDEEKA WATA BAARA QASMUKA WATAALAA JADDUQA WALAILLAHAGYRUK. And then recite the taawuz and tamiahh . Continue it by reading Surah Fatiha and then Surah Al-kafirun. Recite Surah Fatiha again and Surah Al-ikhlas after that in the second rakkah. In the end, read the istikhara dua and repeat your prayers as many times as you can; Insha Allah your doubts will be cleared soon.

How to Perform Salat Al Istikhara?

  • To perform Salat-al-istikhara, you need to ghusl first & then perform an ablution.
  • Now, start performing the Salah.
  • You need to recite the two Nafil Raakahs.
  • In the end of the second Rakkah, read the istikhara dua and focus on concerns.
  • Now, pray to Allah Subhan Wa Taala to clear your doubts.

Insha Allah your doubts will be cleared soon.

How Do You Perform Istikhara For Love?

The procedure of performing istikhara for love is similar to any normal Salat-ul-Istikhara method. The istikhara for love dua is given below as


Center your focus on your love concerns and start the istikhara by reciting two Nafil Raakahs with the help of the above-mentioned dua. 

What are The Benefits of Performing Istikhara?

  1. Istikhara helps a person to feel confident about his or her choices.
  2. Istikhara prayers are the best source to seek consultation from Allah SWT.
  3. Salat-ul-Istikhara helps you to act with diligence and make choices which are halal in Islam.

Some Common FAQ’s About Istikhara

1. What is Istikhara done for?

Istikhara is a very powerful and special prayer that is done for seeking direct guidance from Allah SWT. This prayer is recited by all those Muslims who need guidance from Allah regarding an important decision in life.

2. How can I do istikhara by name?

Many people wish to perform istikhara by name for marriage purposes. Performing istikhara for marriage by the person’s name will help them get better signs from this istikhara using the name for istikhara.

3. Is the istikhara sign always a Dream?

Many people assume that signs of istikhara are only seen in dreams. You should understand that the istikhara signs are not just seen in dreams. If the decision you wish to make is right for you, you will be able to make it easier. If your choice is not right for you, you will face many obstacles and begin to lose interest in your own choice.

4. How to Do Istikhara?

The simplest way of doing the istikhara is by reciting two Rakat nafil namaz after performing the namaz of the night. In most common cases, people perform istikhara for marriage where they read the istikhara dua for marriage followed by the name of the boy or girl they want to marry. Istikhara signs then tell you if the marriage decision is right for you or not.