Islamic Wazifa For Love - Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love

Islamic Wazifa For Love – Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love

Islamic Wazifa For Love

The feeling of love cannot be expressed in words and it makes the person dance and sing on the cloud none. If you like someone then it is natural to expect and want the feelings to be reciprocated. But sometimes this doesn’t happen and it breaks your heart. If you are broken-hearted with the fact that the one you like doesn’t have the same feelings for you then you should try the Islamic wazifa for love. It will help you to attract the other person to you and will increase the chances of being with them.

If you have developed feelings for someone and are afraid to acknowledge it to them then you should take the help of this powerful Islamic wazifa for love. To get afraid of their reaction is natural, so if the fear of rejection is stopping you from confessing your feelings for them, then this surah ikhlas wazifa for love will be helpful. It will bring both of you closer and will develop the feelings of affection, attraction and the desire to be with you. Then you can share your feelings with them and enjoy the relationship with them.

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Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage

Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage
To marry your boyfriend/girlfriend is in itself a dream come true. Many couples think about it, but only a few can make through this journey as it is very difficult to get the approval of the parents if your family is conservative. If the delay in the marriage is caused by the undue interference of the family members then you can take the help of this powerful wazifa for love marriage. It is prudent in softening the heart of the parents for marriage and to convince them for the wedding without hurting them.

  1. Make wazu.
  2. Recite Durood E Sharif 3 times.
  3. Now take a glass of water and recite Surah Ikhlas 101 times.
  4. Blow on the glass of water and drink it. Pray to Allah for what you desire with faith and right intention.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love
Practice this ritual to read the surah ikhlas wazifa for love and read it with complete faith and clarity of intent. You must never read the wazifa with the wrong intention like breaking someone’s relationship or just to fulfill your selfish motive. Clarity of intention and a pure heart is the most important thing that will bring faster results.

This Islamic wazifa for love can also be used for increasing the understanding between the partners. If you feel that you have been fighting a lot with them and this is creating distances between you both then using the Islamic wazifa for love will work the best. Many times the couples complain that there is no passion and spark left in their relationship if you are also feeling the same way that your relationship has turned into a dry rose, them using the Islamic wazifa for love will be beneficial

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