Dua For Righteous Spouse, Husband and Wife

Dua For Righteous Spouse

Marriage is a dream of every person. Every Muslim has a duty towards his or her religion to marry and have children. To fulfill this duty, a person needs to find a spouse. An ideal spouse is a person who is true to Allah and our religion. In the current times, finding a righteous spouse is the biggest challenge a person faces when they decide to get married. This challenge can however be overcome easily with the help of the dua for righteous spouse.

A righteous spouse is the one who is aware of his or her moral duties towards their family as well as their religion. A spouse is also the one who becomes a support system after marriage and brings happiness in life. To find this kind of a spouse, a person needs to perform the dua for righteous spouse.

We are now going to tell you the process of performing the dua for a righteous spouse.

  • Start the process of the dua after performing ablution.
  • Then perform the namaz of Maghrib.
  • Now recite this dua: “Rabbii Inn Limaa Anazal Taillaiyaa Minn Khairin Faqir” for two hundred and one times.
  • Now ask for Allah’s help in finding a righteous spouse for marriage.
  • Perform this dua for 21 days continuously.

The dua for spouse can be performed by a man as well as a woman.

Dua For Righteous Husband

Dua For Righteous Husband

A righteous husband is the dream of almost every Muslim woman. A woman always dreams of getting married to a man who is loving in nature and has good morals. A man with good morals is always the best kind of husband and also a good father. To make the wish of finding a morally righteous husband, a woman should perform the dua for righteous husband.

When a woman reaches the age of marriage, the elders in the family suggest the dua for righteous husband to her. This suggestion is made so that the girl finds a genuine husband who is true to his religion. It is said that a man who is true to his religion will always perform his duties. In a marriage, the duty of a husband is to love and respect his wife. This powerful dua is very effective in helping a woman the best husband to begin her new life with.

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Dua For Righteous Wife

It is wrong to assume that a man has no wish regarding their future wife. A man wants a wife who will be his support for a lifetime. A man wants a companion who will be able to stand with him through all the good and bad phases of life. To fulfill this wish of a loving and supportive wife, a man should take the help of the dua for righteous wife.

With the help of the dua for righteous wife, a man will easily be able to find a woman who not only loves Allah but will also love him dearly. She will love him as well as his family.

If you want to know more about this dua, then you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab.

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