Dua For Getting Lost Love Back In Islam

Dua For Getting Lost Love Back

Dua For Getting Lost Love Back

Love is a very strong feeling. It can make your world turn upside down. But, do you acknowledge the pain which a person goes through when the love of his/ her life leaves him/her and goes? Do you know the suffering break up brings in a person’s life? If you are not ready to accept your break up and you want your lover to come back to you, then powerful dua for getting lost love back is the best possible solution for you. It will revive your love life and bring your ex-lover back to you just like he/ she was before.

For those who have just had a breakup and they realize that the person wasn’t right for them, they should make dua for true love to Allah Miyan. Soon, the Almighty will bless you with a true, loving, and honest partner. The dua for true love has helped a lot of boys and girls in finding their soul mate. Insha Allah, soon that person will marry you. If you think that the person who has left you was your real love, then make powerful dua for lost love to bring your ex-lover back in your life, and soon your love life will be just like before.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Sometimes it gets really hard to cope up with the loss of your lover. If you are finding it very tough to deal with and you want him/ her back at any cost, then you should recite powerful dua to get lost love back. The dua is extremely powerful and has the power to change the heart of your ex-lover. It will re-create love in his/her heart for you and make them come back to you. All the past incidents will get wiped out and they will make a fresh start with you.

Powerful Dua To Get Lost Love Back

If your partner has left you because of interest issues, then powerful dua to get your lost lover come back from his wife will create immense love and interest in his/ her heart. It will render a miraculous effect on your relationship and make your partner come back to you. He/she will seek forgiveness for leaving you and will express the desire to be with you. Such is the power of powerful surah for lover back. So, without being upset about your breakup, just have firm faith in Allah Talah and powerful dua to make someone love you back and Insha Allah everything will be as per your desire, very soon!

Powerful Dua To Get Lost Love Back

If you think that your breakup has taken place because of the interference or involvement of a third person and you want to make things right, then recite this dua. The dua will bring your ex-lover back in your life and wipe out the presence of any third person who has led to your breakup. Your partner will understand this too and will come back to you. Surely the person will not be able to create differences between you two. The dua to make someone love you back is an Islamic remedy to mend your broken relationship, but it should only be performed with the intention of marriage.

A broken relationship requires a lot of effort to get back into position. But, if only Allah wills, you don’t have to do anything. The Islamic dua for lost love back will help you bringing your ex-lover back in your life and rejuvenating your relation. It will heal the scars and never let any problem come in your relationship again. This Islamic dua has been known to be a strong Quranic solution for all those boys and girls who desperately want to end their break up and rejuvenate their relation.

Dua To Get Back Lost Love

So, if you are interested in reviving your love life and bring your ex back to you, then make surah for lover back. You can contact our molvi sb. in this regard and get the procedure of powerful dua to get lost lover come back. Insha Allah, he will guide you in the right way. Feel free to share the reason for your breakup to get the right dua for your problem.

Have you lost your love and are missing them like hell? Are you regretting breaking up with your lover and want them back? Certain Things happen in the heat of the moment and then we regret it later. Also, the fear of modern relationship problems is always present to derogate the quality of the relationship. If you are wondering how can you get your love back by dua, then you have come to the right place. Today we are here to mend the broken heart of the couples that are separated from their lover due to any reason with the help of dua to get lost love back.

Dua To Get Back Lost LoveIf you have been separated from your lover due to constant fights, arguments and misunderstandings then you can use this dua for getting lost love back and bring your lover back to you. We all know the consequences of such fights and arguments. These fights sour the relationship and the couples find it difficult to live with each other. But when things settle a bit after some time, we regret the decision of breaking up and want our love back. We do everything in our control to make things better, but sometimes that doesn’t work.

Dua To Get Love Back

Don’t get disheartened as we are here with a dua to get back lost love which will assist your process of getting your lover back to you and accelerate the process. This is a very powerful dua to get back lost love and has been used by a lot of couples to get their love back.


Perform this ritual to perform dua to get back lost love:

  1. Make ablution and wear fresh clothes.
  2. Now recite this dua for getting back lost love, “Ilhum Rukhsaar Nigham Noor Urhoom Ulham Afreen Ismill”.
  3. After completing the recitation of the dua, plead Allah to give your back to you.

Recite this dua 41 times for 11 days and witness the magical result yourself. Your lover will realize how much you love them and they will come back to you! If you have any doubts or questions, ask our molvi ji. You can contact us through the numbers provided.

Get Your Love Back By Dua in Islam

If you are someone whose partner has fallen in love with someone else then it is possible to get your love back by dua in Islam. All you have to do is to recite this dua to get back your love with faith and belief.

Ya Allah Yaa Rahman Ta Rahimu

Get Your Love Back By Dua in Islam

Recite this dua 100 times for 11 consecutive days. Your lover will be freed from the trap of ‘the other person’ and will come back to you. This dua to get back lost love works by sparking love and affection in the heart of the lover which brings them back to you and binds you together with love and understanding. So what are you waiting for, go get your love back by Dua and share your magical experiences with us!

If you have any questions or doubts, you can leave them below. If you wish to consult our molvi Saab contact through the numbers provided. We assure the full confidentiality of the customers’ information.

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