Surah For Love Back and Attraction

Surah For Love and Attraction

Surah For Love Back

Do you miss your lover? Do you want him/her to return back to you? Do you wish to re-start your affair with him/ her? If you crave the presence of your ex-lover in your life, then you should recite Surah for love back. The surah will bring your ex-lover back to you and without you doing any effort he/ she will reach out to you on their own. Your partner will do everything to contact you and make a new start with you. Insha Allah, your relationship will be stronger than before.

If you love someone and want to make a special place in their heart for you, then you would have tried hundreds of worldly stuff. But, if you recite surah for love and attraction, then this affection will come directly from Allah Talah which will be permanent and pure. So, make this dua and see how it brings the love for you in the heart of the girl or boy you want. The surah is strongly powerful and will help you in winning his /her heart and making him/her loyal to you for all your life.

Surah For Love Back

Surah For Love and Attraction

If your partner doesn’t feel too much into you and he/ she ignores you and doesn’t like spending time with you, then don’t feel bad. All you need to do is perform surah for attraction. The surah will make them crave for you more and more. Your partner would like to spend most of the time with you and will never take you for granted. Even if your partner has been seeking interest in someone else, then they will withdraw their attention and come back to you. They will never leave you or ignore you for anyone else.

Sometimes you may feel lonely even after being in a relationship. If you feel that your partner has changed and he/ she is not the same person they used to be then you should practice dua for attraction. It will change their behavior towards you and make them take greater interest in you. Insha Allah by the grace of Allah Miyan, your relationship will improve.  You can get the details of the dua from our molvi sahib. He will give you complete information related to it. Follow his guidelines to get the desired results for your case. No matter you are a boy or a girl, you can perform this dua with ease. Just make sure your intentions are right. 

Surah For Attraction

  • Firstly make fresh ablution and sit in a clean place. 
  • Read Surah Zuha 15 times.
  • After that read this dua-“Jazaakallaahu Khairaa” for 254 times.
  • Then read Attihayat 14 times.
  • After that read Imaan E Mujammal for 14 times.
  • Then read two rikat optional namaz.
  • Then make dua to Allah talah to help you in getting back your lost love. 
  • You should practice this for 6 days and Insha Allah, you will get favorable results in no time.

If you feel any difficulty in performing this, you can visit our website.

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