Islamic Istikhara Dua For Love Problem

Get Islamic Istikhara For Love Problem

Islamic Istikhara Dua For Love: Being in love with someone you love is not easy. You need to make each other happy and comfortable. There is almost no relationship that does not have problems. No matter you are a girlfriend’s boyfriend or husband and wife, they are many love problems that occur in a relationship that creates great confusion. Therefore, to get the solution to your love problems you can take the help of istikhara for love problems.

Suppose if a guy has proposed you and you don’t know him well but also don’t want to lose him then at such a situation you can perform istikhara. Similarly, a boy can also decide through istikhara that whether he should propose him or not. The istikhara will you give an indication in your dreams which will help you in taking the right decision regarding your future.

Istikhara Dua For Love Problem

Powerful Istikhara Dua For Love Problem

The istikhara for love problem can also be done by girls and boys who are being proposed for marriage. Such a decision is really big and we should not take any chance regarding our life partners or better half.

The istikhara dua for love problem has a very simple process. All you need to do is make wuzu. Have your dinner, read the namaz-e-isha and then say Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Raheem clearly. Read out the dua of istikhara loud and properly. After reading it read the istikhara dua for love problem which our Islamic astrologer has provided you. Then recite the dua of before going to sleep and take a nap.

With the help of the istikhara love problem, you will get the indication in your dream. If in your dream you see a white color or any other bright color then it is positive. Otherwise, the dream is said to be negative and therefore you need to change your decision regarding the marriage. If even after watching the whole dream you have no idea of what step you should take then quickly ask for another istikhara’s dua from our maulana.

Istikhara For Love

Strong Islamic Istikhara For Love Problem

An Islamic istikhara for love problems can also be done by relatives, friends, parents, or siblings who are worried about their family member’s love life. These istikhara are always correct and give you accurate ideas about your partner. Even people can use these love problems as istikhara for the decision of divorce.

You need to worry. Allah SWT has solutions for everything. Insha Allah, you will be able to make an appropriate decision through the Islamic istikhara for love problem. For more information mail us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I do istikhara for someone I love?

Yes, love and relationship-related problems can also be solved with an istikhara. While performing an istikhara, 1st to 7th verse of the Ayatul Kursi after any of the daily namaz is very helpful. After reading these verses, you will have to recite all of the ten Allah’s names with full faith in his powers. Soon, you will begin to see istikhara signs after performing the istikhara for someone you love.

  1. Can you do istikhara for something you want?

Our Peer Abdullah Hussain believes that an istikhara can be performed for every small or big thing you want. But it is also commonly suggested that it should be performed for all the big decisions of life. To wish for something you want, you can read the powerful dua to get what you want.

3. How do you perform istikhara for love?

Performing istikhara for love is totally acceptable. The process of performing istikhara for love is written below:

  • Clean yourself properly by doing wuzu(ablution)
  • Keep the image of the person you love in front of you.
  • Perform the duas necessary for Salat Al istikharah.
  • Do this istikhara for 90 days consecutively.
  • On the last day of performing this istikhara, you have to keep the image of your lover under your pillow.
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