How To Win Court Case – Dua For Winning A Court Case

How To Win Court Case

How To Win Court Case

Court cases are not so simple to deal with. Often a person spends his whole life fighting for his rights. Some of the verdicts come when the person has expired. Justice isn’t so simple to achieve here. However, nothing is impossible if you walk in the light of Islam and follow the righteous path of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laaho Alaihi Wasallam.
If you have filed a court case and you wonder
how to win court case, then you should find the right dua for this. Insha Allah, when you perform the wazifa specially customized for it, then you will get the best results in the matter for you.

If your case has been in pending for a long time and the other party is doing all the efforts to make your lose, then dua for winning a court case will do wonders for you. It will bring the verdict in your favor. Insha Allah, the proceedings of the court will take place quickly and soon you will get a decision as per your desire. If you are worried that the other party will bribe and do other mischief to turn the case then don’t worry! Indeed Allah Tala will not let it happen and the power of your dua for court matter will not let any wrong come to you.

Dua For Winning A Court Case

At times, people start losing hope in their case because of the flawed judiciary system. You may not have faith in the judiciary system but you should have firm faith in Allah Miyan and accept that whatever happens is for your betterment. The very powerful dua to win court case will turn the worst of the situations in your favor and you will never face any negativity or loss in your case. Just keep making the dua and you will get the right results.

One can get the procedure of the dua for court case from our molvi sahib. He will give you the right directions to perform the dua. Insha Allah, in no time your court case will reach its end. If you have been wondering about how to speed up the procedure, then you can get the required dua for that too. However, it is important to recite Quranic duas only for a legit and halal matter. If you are on the wrong side, then don’t make such duas as you will not get anything. 

Very Powerful Dua To Win Court Case

Win Court Case

  • Firstly read Surah Lahab 1036 times.
  • After that read this Dua for winning a court case-“Ad-Duaau Silaahul Mu’amin” for 1025 times.
  • After that take a glass of water.
  • Then read Surah Naas 25 times.
  • After that read Surah Falak 25 times.
  • Then drink half a glass of water.
  • After that read Sana 5 times.
  • Then drink the remaining water. 
  • Pray to Allah Talah to help the decision go in your favor.
  • The procedure can only be done once and then you should wait for the verdict from the court.  

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