Dua For Victory Over Enemy – Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

The dua for victory over enemy is a very powerful dua that ensure one’s victory over the enemy. It is a very special dua for all those who are tired of being negatively impacted by their enemies. Sometimes, when people who were competitors go to a certain extent to defeat their enemies become enemies. These so called enemies are then ready to do anything good or bad to ruin other’s peace of life.

To teach those enemies who try all the wrong thing to defeat others, the dua for victory over enemies is a great remedy. It is a very effective dua that helps people in asking for Allah’s help so that they learn a lesson for a lifetime. The dua for victory over enemy and the Surah Kausar for enemies is a very powerful dua that has been used by many people for a very long time.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

In this era of competition and insecurities, people are highly envious of each other. The top three reasons for jealousy are fear, competition, and insecurity. This kind of envy turns our kin into our enemies. As soon as someone climbs the ladder of success, his enemies start increasing. No matter how simple, kind, or compassionate the person is, he will always draw enemies towards him due to many reasons. If you are also struggling with the issues of enemies, we have for you dua to destroy enemy immediately. 

The powerful dua to destroy the enemy immediately is for all the people who are facing problems due to their enemies. Our enemies can harm us in numerous ways which affect our personal and professional life. This dua to punish the enemy will help you make your enemies realize their fault and protect you from any further harm. 

Dua To Destroy Enemy Forever

No one except Allah Talah has the right to punish anyone and this dua to destroy the enemy immediately is doing the same work. It will make him/her realize their mistake and instill in them the feeling of guilt and repentance. This feeling of guilt will help them correct their mistake. This surah Yaseen for enemies will not literally destroy your enemy but his evil intentions to hurt you and that’s what we really want.

The wazifa to destroy the enemy will help you convert your enemy’s evil intentions and protect you from any negativity. Perform the following Islamic dua to destroy enemy forever:

“Allah Humma Inni As Aluka Wa Ata Wajjah Ilaika Bi Muhammadin Nabiyyir Rahmati Ya Muhammad Inni Kal Tawajjah To Bika Ila Rabbi Fi Hajati Haza Li Tikza Li Allah Humma Ba Shafi Atu Fiiya”

You have to perform this dua to destroy enemy forever 51 times daily after reading Namaz. Inshallah! this will harm your enemies in the way they deserve and according to the will of Allah Miyan. This Islamic prayer to punish the enemy will act as your charm of protection against any enemy.

Surah Kausar For Enemies

Wazifa To Destroy EnemyThe feeling of envy and insecurity can lead people to take steps that can sometimes be life-threatening and we all see this in everyday life. Newspapers and news media channels are flooded with these kinds of news every other day and it is natural to be afraid.
We recommend performing this dua to destroy your enemy immediately. If you doubt that someone might have evil intentions for you.

  • Recite Durood Sharif 51 times.
  • Then recite Surah Ikhlas 3oo times.
  • Pray Allah to protect you from your enemies 
  • Complete the ritual by reciting Durood Sharif 11 times.

This powerful surah Kausar for enemies will help you get rid of your enemies faster. You will see the results faster if you perform this wazifa to punish the enemy with clear intentions and sincerity. Do not wish any harm upon your enemy. Just pray before Allah Taala to make them realize their mistake. Inshallah, they will receive the punishment they deserve from Allah. If you want more information on Islamic prayer of dua for victory over enemy or to punish someone contacts our Molvi Sahab. He will tell you the best method to perform Surah Kausar for enemies along with the dua to destroy enemy immediately and forever.

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