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Dua For Lover

Dua for lover is for all those people who either are looking for their true love or want their lover back after a breakup. If you have broken up recently with the one you love and are repenting it you can use this dua for someone to come back you. This is a very effective dua that has helped many couples to regain their lost love and save their broken heart. Keep reading the whole article to gain insight into how you can use this dua for lover and live blissfully.

The dua for lover can also be used by the people whose relationship is suffering due to the negligence of their partner. If you feel that your partner doesn’t spend as much time with you and takes you for granted, you can use the dua for someone to come back to you, to regain their love and attention. The lack of communication and negligence can cause irreversible damage to the relationship which cannot be mended if left carelessly. Recite this dua for lover and follow this ritual for 21 days:

Dua for Someone To Come Back To You

Dua for Someone To Come Back To You

  1. Perform wudu and sit in a place void of distractions.
  2. Recite Durood E Sharif thrice.
  3. Now read this Fa Sa Yak Fi Kahumul Laaho Wa Huwas Samee’ul Aleem 1100 times.
  4. After this pray Allah to bless your relationship while visualizing the face of your lover.

Inshallah, you will get the desired results very soon and you will see a positive change in the behavior of your lover. They will start contacting you again and would express their wish to reunite with you. If you do not get the results within 21 days, you can consult our molvi Saab on the given numbers.

Dua To Make Someone Love You

Dua To Make Someone Love You
Are you sad and dejected because the one you love doesn’t love you back? Don’t worry! This dua to make someone love you will help you to get your feelings of love and affection reciprocated. This dua can be used to infuse the heart of the one you love, with the attraction and adoration for you. This will increase your chances of attracting them to you, which can further be turned into the mutual feeling of love and affection. Just recite this dua for lover with faith and positive belief:

This dua to make someone love you after your obligatory prayers and see the miracle. Inshallah, the person you love will start showing interest in you and will express their feelings of love for you very soon! You can also use this dua to bring back your lover from the trap of some other person. If your partner has fallen trap in the love of some other person, this dua for someone to come back to you will be your savior.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can leave them below to be answered by our experts. To consult our molvi Saab, contact the given numbers. We assure the full confidentiality of the details of our customers.

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