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Dua For Husband To Love Wife Only

Dua For Husband To Love Wife

Do you want your husband to be always with you and never leave you? Do you want to rule his heart and make sure that he remains loyal to you? If you are wishing to have that undivided attention from your hubby and want your married life to blossom into roses then start reading the dua for husband to love his wife only. This is the most effective remedy that can resolve the issues within the married life and improve the conditions of your relationship. So if you have been praying to Allah to show you the way to make your shohar yours, your prayer has been heard!

If your shohar has anger issues and is always fuming to avoid the little things and turn them into big arguments then reading the dua to protect the husband from another woman will be helpful. Many times when the person is frustrated with the outside challenges and the pressure of work he gets angry very easily. This type of behavior can affect the relationship between couples and bring distance between them. So if you want to change the behavior of your shohar and want him to become calm so that the fights can subside, start reading this dua to put love in your husband’s heart.

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife

This is the most effective quranic amal that can also help you if your shohar has decided to divorce you. Inshallah, this will change his mind and will develop strong feelings of affection and forgiveness. So if he has been finding it difficult to forgive you and restart, the relationship, this powerful dua for my husband to love me will work wonders. You will see that within a few days he will change his mind and will start contacting you again. Inshallah, everything will start falling into place and your divorce will also be canceled.

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

If you are worried that he has been spending more time with the other woman and is taking you for granted then with the help of the dua to protect the husband from another woman can help you bring him back. It will place love in his heart and he will start forgetting about her. He would also come back to you and will make efforts to gain your trust and improve the relationship.

  • Make wuzu and sit on the prayer mat.
  • After this recite Durood e Sharif thrice.
  • Now read Surah Ikhlas 31 times and pray to Allah for blessing your marriage.
  • In the end, recite Surah Yasin five times.

Follow this ritual for 13 days without any gap and you will start noticing positive changes in the behavior of your hubby. He will be more kind, affectionate, and understanding towards you, and inshallah everything in your relationship will start turning better.

To get more details about the dua and wazifa, contact our Molvi Peer Abdullah Hussain Ji via the given numbers. We assure the privacy of the details.

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