Dua for Health of Child – Dua for Child’s Good Health

Dua For Good Health of Child

A parent is always concerned with the health of their child. With increasing worldwide disease and infections common all over the world, a child’s health is a very big matter of concern for a parent. It alarms the parent if the child catches even flu. We understand your worries and concern for your child. That is why we are sharing with you a dua for good health of child. This is a very powerful dua for health of child which will ensure good health of your child and will develop them into healthy adults.

As important as it is to undertake the lifestyle factors when assessing what is causing the health problems in your child, it is equally important to pray for good health of your children. As it is well known, health is wealth. If you have a healthy family then everything is possible. You can only enjoy life and its blessings when you are healthy. Perform this dua for child’s good health and protect your child from unforeseen health problems with the blessings of Allah!

Dua for Childs Good Health

Dua for Child’s Good Health

Certain infections and diseases are very lethal and if your child is not immune to fight against those diseases, things might end up very badly. But we do not intent to fear you; we just want to tell you that it is possible to protect your child and family with the help of this dua for good health of child. This dua is meant to promote good health in your child and family and also protecting them from lethal diseases.

Recite this dua for good health of child daily after your obligatory prayers:

ALLAHUMMA ‘aaffinee fee badanee, ALLAHUMMA ‘aaffinee fee sam’ee, ALLAHUMMA ‘aaffinee fee basaree la ilaaha illa anta, ALLAHUMMA innee aa’oozubika mina-al kufri wa-al faqri wa aa’oozubika min ‘azaabi-al qabri, la ilaaha illa anta

The dua for health of child will ensure good health and immunity in your child. Allah Taalah will solve all your worries related to the health of your child.

Dua for Health of Child in Islam

Dua for Health of Child in Islam

If your child is very sick then follow the following ritual for dua for child’s good health to get instant and faster results:

  1. Take a bath and wear fresh clothes.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif 3 times.
  3. Take five almonds and Now recite this dua for good health of child, “Allaahumma rabbi naas, adh`hibil ba’s, ishfihi antash shaafi, laa shifaa’a illaa shifaauk, shifaa’an laa yughaadiru saqamaa” 77 times.
  4. After reciting the dua blow your breath on the almonds and give it to your child to eat.

Inshallah! You will see fast recovery in your child’s health. Follow this ritual and recite the dua for the health of child for 14 days. You will see that your child has recovered fully with the blessing of Allah.

We recommend consulting our molvi saab before performing this dua for the child’s good health as he will provide you full details on how to perform this ritual. He will also give you personalized dua and wazifas if your child is sick and need instant and faster recovery. You can also share your doubts and queries down below and our experts will get back to you shortly.

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