Dua for Controlling Husband in Quran – Wazifa For Control Husband

Dua For Controlling Husband

Every woman wants her husband to be with her and treat her with love and respect. Sometimes, situations take a toll over the behavior of the husband and he behaves out of the conduct. Have you been observing that your husband is constantly angry and irritated? If this behavior is affecting your relationship, you can use the dua for controlling husband.

The wazifa for control husband can be used to minimize the fights and arguments, improve the mood of the husband, and rekindle love and passion in the relationship. It is common to witness a lack of love and understanding after a few years of marriage. Many couples fight over financial matters, infidelity, parenting, daily chores, and responsibilities. But when the fights increase in frequency you need to use the dua for controlling husband in Quran to manage the situation.

Wazifa for Control Husband

How To Control Your Husband In Islam?

Today we will share with you the most powerful dua to control husband that will help you to resolve all the issues within your marriage. Most women complain that their husband takes them for granted and neglect them. No matter what the reason is, it is hurtful to bear this. This dua will help you to induce the heart of your husband with love and attraction towards you:

||Wamaa lakum laa tuqaatilona fee sabee lillahi walmustag afeena minnar rijaali wannisaae walwildaani lazeena yaqoolona rabbana akhrijna min haazihil qaryati zalimi ahluhaa waujal lanaa mil ladunka walliyaa waa ujal lana mil ladunka naseera||

Recite this wazifa to control husband and increase love and attraction in your marriage. You have to recite this dua for husband control 100 times for 40 days, preceded by Surah Nisa five times. Visualize your husband’s face while reciting dua to control husband.

Powerful Dua To Control Husband in Quran

Powerful Dua To Control Husband in Quran

We have seen that infidelity has become a common ground for fights between husband and wife. Are you worried that your husband is attracted to some other woman? If you think he is engaging in an extramarital affair, you can use this dua for controlling husband in Quran. This dua works by making them realize your love for them, thereby making them forget about the other woman. This is a very effective dua to break the illicit love affairs after marriage:

Follow this ritual to recite the most powerful dua to control husband:

  1. Make wudu and wear fresh clothes.
  2. Recite”Audhu billahi min-ash-shayta -nir-rajeem Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem”
  3. Now, take three almonds or a sweet of your choice and recite this wazifa to control husband, “Allah umma Innee As Aalu Kaa Minn Fad Leeka”51 times.
  4. After this pray Allah to rekindle love and affection and bring your husband back to you. Blow on the almonds/sweets and make your husband eat them.

Follow this ritual for 21 days and make sure you give the eatable to your husband. Inshallah, you will see that your husband will come back to you and will forget about the other woman. Make sure you recite the dua with love and forgiveness in your heart. Apart from control, you can also perform the dua to increase love in husband’s heart to make your marriage happy and full of love.

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